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Women in Business Network City of London

Lizzie’s Magnificent 7

  • Are you a busy female professional who loves to network
  • Would you like to connect with successful women in a busy, focused forum?
  • Are you interested in growing your business – and helping others do the same?

Then signing up to WIBN could be the answer.
​This page is used as a booking system for my own groups but there are around 100 WIBN groups in the UK and Ireland, with 25 in London alone. 

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Feed your business at lunchtime meetings

I have 7 groups across the city, you need to eat lunch so why not do business at the same time? Approximately 130 people attend per month so read a little more below about what to expect and why you should come along.

​Visitors are £33 plus VAT and we always meet between 12 – 2:15pm.

My Magnificent 7 Groups Across London 


Meets on the first Tuesday of the month.

Kings Cross

Meets on the first Wednesday of the month.

Canary Wharf North

Meets on the first Thursday of the month.


Meets on the third Tuesday of the month.

Liverpool Street

Meets on the last Tuesday of the month.


Meets on the last Wednesday of the month.

St. Pancras

Meets on the last Thursday of the month.

What We Do

  • Networking connections and passing business around the table in a non pressurised environment.
  • Professional development through business activities
  • Supportive environment for like minded business professionals

We welcome everyone, whatever stage of business you are at; employee, start up or established business.

What We are Not

  • Women’s Lunch Club – you have ten minutes to munch your lunch… its all about business.
  • Hard and pushy sales – you can brief your sales team (members) so that they can be your eyes and ears and sell for you.
  • Dip in and Dip out club – Regular attendance helps you develop relationships and that’s where business is naturally exchanged.

What Members Say

Upcoming Events

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Check out more of our events on 

About Lizzie

The Women in Business Network (WIBN) is all about supporting female entrepreneurs and professionals in the workplace.

I’m Lizzie Phillips and for almost a decade I’ve been running WIBN events across the capital, helping women find business leads, opportunities, partnerships and collaborations.

I started my own WIBN journey in 2012 when I became a member of the Fenchurch Street group.

​With my own marketing and training business I was keen to develop my contacts quickly as well as having a supportive network of like minded business women.

In 2013 when a opportunity arose to buy another London branch, Liverpool Street, I jumped at the chance to become the 4th WIBN London Associate. With my previous experience in Events and a marketing degree I quickly set about trying to deliver the same thing that attracted me to WIBN as a business owner in the first place. Networking has to be productive, but yes we have fun too!

In 2014 I had already opened 4 groups across the capital and when I had my son in 2015.

I sold my training business to concentrate on WIBN and my Networking website.

In 2017, I reached my 100th member and currently have 7 groups! I am still passionate about networking, and hopefully if you come along as a visitor you’ll get to see just how much!

My Members

I have over 100 members and 130 attend each month. Lots of people join WIBN for different reasons. So here are just a small selection of testimonials from members as to what they get from membership.

Members Testimonials

I became a member of one of Lizzie’s groups in June 2016 and from day one she made me feel incredibly welcome. Her groups are both professional and fun and have been instrumental in the growth of my business over the last 18 months. I therefore had no hesitation in renewing my membership in June 2017 – Lizzie is fundamental to the success of the networking groups and I would highly recommend joining to any business owner or employee looking to grow their business and contacts.

Lyndsay Wolfe, Financial Advisor

“WiBN works! Being a member of Lizzie’s St Pancras and Liverpool Street groups has introduced me to so many new people.

So far in my first year, I have managed to secure eight clients, I jumped straight in and made sure I did as many 121’s a possible and visited as many groups as I could that didn’t have my category.

If you put the effort in the rewards can be so beneficial to you and your business.”

Helen Cox, Helen Cox Marketing

It has given me a community of likeminded business owners and allowed us to support each other in this time of uncertainty. I have built and maintained connections that have only been solidified by the ability to network online. I have received more value from my membership by being able to consistently visit more than one group a month, which I wouldn’t have been able to do whilst travelling. I’ve been able to schedule more 121’s into my weeks meaning that I’m maintaining my network better and growing it quicker than I otherwise would be able to with the logistics of scheduling and travelling to meet others.

Leighanne Stephens – Personal Trainer

Have been really valuable in terms of connecting with interesting and kind women in a similar boat to me.

Sarah Clay – Digital Marketing

I would like to thank the WIBN for demonstrating agile leadership by adapting how they do things so quickly. This in it’s self was an inspiration to business owners.
It has also been invaluable to have the weekly sessions on a Friday. There has been great information on these sessions and the ladies have provided such support. Having spent a lot of my recent career in the learning space, I know only too well how much these sessions would cost to attend if I was to attend a session with an expert. Also I have been able to use what I have learnt to move my business forward.

Sue Firmanger – Stress Management

Get In Touch

I would love for you to attend as a visitor. You do get to visit up to twice before making a decision on joining, so you may want to book both meetings at the same time. Message me today.

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